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  • Susenji Shake

    Enjoy a delicious chocolate shake as a complete balanced meal when you're too lazy to think of what to eat, in a rush, or when you're watching your caloric intake! Keep yourself full and don't miss a meal!

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  • Susenji Mofa+

    Upgraded and improved formula, with added passionfruit and Cooltox NPE helps to keep you healthy with detoxifying and cooling properties while reducing bloatedness.

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  • Susenji Gold

    Susenji Gold boasts double the fat burning effects, and skin whitening and anti-aging care. It also comes with an all-new medical-grade steel rollerball massage head, eliminating the need for a separate massager or using your hands.

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  • Susenji Ohh! Nana

    An all-natural beauty supplement that brightens and whitens your skin, giving you the fair translucency you've dreamed about! It comes in a small sachet and boasts a delectable sparkling lemon flavour, making it super convenient and easy to consume.

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  • Susenji Ollie

    Discovered by Japanese scientists to promote natural fat-burning effect by enhancing the number of mitochondria. Winner of the Nutra Ingredients Asia Award 202 (the Weight Management Award)

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